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“My mother (now 91 years old) moved into Adelaide Place four years ago. It was the best move she could have made following the death of her significant other. She has been very happy there since day one, and we, her family, are also totally delighted with her being there.

The staff are all amazing – caring, compassionate, helpful, friendly. My family and I are so grateful and reassured to have such a safe, secure and happy place for Mom to live. It is also comforting to know that Adelaide Place nursing staff are available 24/7.

The building is beautiful and very well kept inside and out. The location is very convenient – right in a residential area, but, still very close to shopping and downtown.

There are no dishes to do, no housecleaning to be done, the meals are great, and my Mom can be as busy or not busy as she wants. My Mom likes to be involved, and she participates in many of the activities going on, from exercise classes to Bingo, card games (like Poker and Skip-Bo), Mini-Putt, Table Shuffleboard, Bean Bags, Happy Hour with entertainment every Friday afternoon, special events, etc. Plus, there are outdoor events too, weather permitting. There is even a swimming pool for those residents who like to swim or do AquaFit exercises. The list goes on and on for things to do.

Adelaide Place is a real community, and my Mom has made many friends during the years she has been there. It’s always great when she tells me of a new connection, she has made that relates to her time living in Lindsay and area before she moved to Adelaide Place.

I also really enjoy going to visit my Mom. Her one-bedroom apartment is a perfect size, and I always stay over when I go to see her since I live about 2 hours away. I have come to know many of the staff and several of the residents (Mom introduces me to everyone), and I even participate in some of the activities while I am there. I always enjoy one or two delicious meals in the Dining Room with my Mom. I frequently tell people that Adelaide Place is like a five star hotel.”

Susan Hadaway


“I moved here last August and although it is very different from living at home, I quite enjoy living here. It is nice not to have to do the grocery shopping and the cooking, and the housekeeping is great! It is convenient to have the Wellness team so close; always there to help when I need it, and the doctor comes in, so I don’t have to go out for my appointments. I can get help from the maintenance team quickly, which is handy when I can’t do something myself, or if my TV isn’t working. My sister lives here too, so it’s great to have her nearby. We have our own space, but can visit, spend time in the common areas and go out together. I join in on the things I am interested in, like the shopping trips, movies in the theatre, music performances every week, and special events like the craft shows and the square dancing-which I had recommended they start doing! I enjoy being closer to my daughters, and they feel better knowing that I am safe and happy. I do feel safer here and the people are very friendly.”

Audrey Potentier


“As the long-distance son of a longtime resident of Adelaide Place Retirement Community (8 years) I can confidently say that my mother has been totally comfortable at the Adelaide and has been cared for with compassion, respect, and expert capability. This is incredibly important when you are a distance away and cannot always be there quickly to be with your loved one. I have always been able to speak directly with Adrienne or one of the many staff members and my suggestions and concerns have always been received with a friendly attitude and a commitment to follow up. As the Chaplain at another retirement community, I know the challenges and opportunities of retirement living and The Adelaide is a very special place. Thanks for all you do!”

Michael Dell


I moved in here in February and I’m very content. I don’t miss having to cook or clean. The meals are great and I love the salad bar. So do my kids!

My family comes a lot and it’s nice to be able have lots of space to visit with them outside of the apartment, like in the cafe or one of the lounges. I feel very safe here with the Wellness team always available when I need them, and they are so nice caring. All of the staff are so courteous and always there to listen.

I find the van trips very convenient, they will drive me to my appointments, and shopping and other trips like the casino. I enjoy music performances and happy hour, and the activities, games and exercise classes.

The people are what I love the most. It’s amazing how they all remember everyone’s name. It’s like having such a big family and you make friends with so many people. We all look out for each other. Everybody is so helpful and they make you feel very much at home.

Joyce Aldham